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What we are looking for

Narrative Micro Films, Shorts, Featurettes, Feature, Animation, Mobile Short Films, Student's Films, Documentaries, Acting Showreels, Musical Videos. Stunning portrayal, vibrant stories, balanced pace, balanced structure, coloring gems, immersive scores...

What we are not looking for

At Golden Reel International Film Festival we do not accept films that promote religious or political propaganda, violence, abuse of any kind, offensive language, NC-17 rated films.

"If you want to make a movie, make it. Don't wait for a grant, don't wait for the perfect circumstances, just make it."
- Quentin Tarantino  

Rules and Terms

Kindly refer to the Festival's submission's platform for more information.

Awards and Prizes

Kindly refer to Festival's submission's platform for more information. 

The Festival 

From Old school to Modern days

 More and more often we hear the expression 'the new normal' and whether we like it or not it also affects our film industry. Movies are finding their ways to VOD platforms on TVs and mobile devices. With aching heart we are witnessing how cinemas, like many other businesses, are closing their doors as a result of the measures against the Covid-19. Film Festivals are no exception and we learn to adapt to the new circumstances. 
Golden Reel International Film Festival, born from filmmakers for filmmakers, is a bi-monthly online competition. We partnered up with to honor the filmmakers. is a VOD platform that gives the award winning filmmakers the chance to showcase and monetize their awarded films(*) . is free for filmmakers. 

(*) non applicable to Acting Showreels nor Musical Videos. 

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Yalian Li


A struggling director decides to wear a lie detector on the set and make a documentary about it.

Kaia Hathaway


After finding an abandoned piano in the alley, this 10-year-old boy follows his passion for music despite the challenges life throws at him. He must overcome bullying, an unhealthy family life, and the lack of wealth. He will stop at nothing to pursue a life as a pianist.

Lucas Bols


Lucas is a relentlessly passionate filmmaker and his imagination has been put to work in more than 15 years of directing, filming and editing for television, advertising, corporations, non-profit sector, music videos, short films,etc.

Lola Rùi


Lola Rùi is an actress, screenwriter and director. She studied acting with Jorge Eines and Susan Batson. She was a jury member in the IX Iberoamerican Short Film Festival (FIBABC, 2019).
In Theater, it's remarkable her leading role in "Mary Magdalene" opened at the historical 13th Street Repertory Theater in New York City.
As a film Actress, she...