August 2021


The Invitation - by Thorsten Schade
-Best Film
-Best Ensemble Cast
-Best Colorist [Dominika Cyburska]
-Best Horror

Holestepper - by Sergio Fernandez Munoz
-Best Generational Drama

The White Bag - by Allen Bronstein
-Best Neo-Noir Comedy
-Best Mobile Short

Satanic Key - by Bruno Miguel Resende

-Best Mobile Experimental

Mother - by Ian McQueen

-Best Social Drama

HoneyDough - by Jilllian Vitko

-Best Comedy
-Best Originality

Night of Jarrawog - by Paddy and Jack Malone

-Best Classic Horror
-Best Non-Budget Film

Rexxi Space Cat - episode 1, Falcone Uno - by Diana Kennedy

-Best Animation

My CarGuitar - by Conny Conrad
-Best Composer [Conny Conrad]

A Martyr of the Pen - by Alan Hamwan
-Best Sound Design
-Best Social Thriller

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body - by Rodrigo Alfonso

-Best Comedic Actor [Rodrigo Alfonso]

Taken Over - by Sheldon Woodson
-Best First-time Director [Sheldon Woodson]
-Best Silent Horror

The Night That Never Happened - by Luis Enrique Rodriguez Ramos
-Best DOP [Raphy Molinary Machado]
-Best Editor [Braulio Bernardy Cartagena]
-Best Medium Short

Aria - by Brace Beltempo and Barbara Sirotti

-Best Voice Over [Barbara Sirotti]
-Best Micro Short

Who Said Love is Dead - by Guy Nicholls

-Best Child Actress [Connie Parker]
-Best Actor [Ade Varney]
-Best Concept

Chronophobia - by Coline Dubus
-Best Emerging Director [Coline Dubus]

Andrea Rose - Best Showreel