December 2021


The Last of the Nights - by Luis Galan
- Best Film
- Best Thriller
- Best Coloring
- Best Editing
- Best Cinematography
- Best Actor Maarten Dannenberg
- Best Supporting Actor Javier Sandoval
- Best Director Luis Galan

Love and Joy by Michelle Bossy
- Best Christmas Film
- Best Child Actress Kya Hickey
- Best Ensemble Cast
- Best Christmas Concept
- Best supporting Actress Anna LaMadrid

Cyber Dream by Yanush Ahy
- Best Covid Film

The Lion and the Eagle by Bruno M. Resende
- Best Sound Design 
- Best Experimental

INVaaDERS by Didier Mulleras
- Best Musical Video

Lana's Holiday Special by Ken Holmes and Karen Klami
- Best Christmas Score

Donkey's Taylor by Seyfeddin E. Erisen
- Best Documentary
- Best Directorial Debut  Seyfeddin E. Erisen

The Pianist by Kaia Hathaway 
- Best Concept
- Best Child Actor Darick Synal
- Best Art Performer Francois Synal
- Best Score

By Your Side, Always by Satrio Wibowo
- Best Romance Film
- Best Directorial Debut Satrio Wibowo

Voicemail by Tari K. Robinson
- Best Directress Tari K. Robinson 
- Best Suspense Film 
- Best Actress Aayaliah Chante Thompson
- Best Short Film

The Lawn Brothers by Patrick McNeil
- Best Mocumentary

At What Cost by Jalen Tellis
- Best Social Drama

The Wanderer of the Montagnette by Jacques Micke
- Best Christmas Spirit

The Sculptor by Sid Sirkia
- Best Silent Film
- Best Experimental

Super Fix by Mofieni Iniya
- Best Ensemble Cast
- Best Micro film