November 2021


Pay Back Times by Peter Richweisz
- Best Cinematography 
- Best Dark Comedy
- Best Traile- Best Actor Freddy Ejeil
- Best Film

Be F*cking Weird by Felix Aaronson and Paul Jamal Said
- Best Concept

SPLIT - Breathing Offline by Ann_Marie Kirwan
- Best Experimental Student

CASE #3809 - The Eldrith Mortician by Jose Evangelista
- Best Animation   

Little Victories 100 years of Clovelly Rugby League by Nicholas Caroll
- Best Documentary Heritage
- Best Documentary

Urban Constellation by Luis Galan
- Best Director Luis Galan
- Best Script
- Best Acting Duo Maarten Dannenberg and Natalia Varela
- Best Foreign Film

The Wanderer of the Montagnette by Jacques Micke
- Best Concept
- Best Script Adaptation

Cultured by Karen Klami
- Best Actor Burnham Holmes

Backup Call by Katarzyna Adamus
- Best Poster

They Are Coming Soon by Sid Sirkia
- Best Experimental
- Best Coloring

DNA Clan by Katarzyna Adamus
- Best Poster
- Best Actress

Whtey Web Series by Donald Watson
- Best Neo Noir Film
- Best supporting Actress Ginger Marin
- Best supporting Actor Dave Carter

Intersection by Natalia Arjona
- Best Comedy
- Best Directress Natalia Arjona

The Evil by Shyam Kumar Nair
- Best Horror
- Best sound Desgn
- Best Mobile Short

The Gunslinger by Alexander Lindman
- Best No-Budget Film
- Best Stunt Acting
- Best Editing
- Best Micro film

The Widow by Lucas Bols
- Best Score
- Best Actress Frederiek Muller

Overcaterers Anonymous by Wayne Tunks
- Best Ensemble Cast

Seedling by Jola Kudela
- Best Musical Video

Catcalled by Isabel Park
- Best Student Film

Bubble by Mahmood Arib
- Best Photography
- Best Hybrid Film

Growing Up Guide Pup by Matthew Thomas Chapman
- Best Edutainment Film